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Culture of APPROVED

Primary Values and Beliefs


  • Obey the Law
  • Obey Moral Laws
  • Excellence
  • Tolerance
  • Profit and Reward

  • Accept Responsibility
  • Integrity is higher than honesty
  • Suited or not, simple as that
  • Respect and understanding for individuals
  • Fun and enjoyment
  • Duty, Honour, Purpose

  • Unconditional help
  • Courtesy and Respect
  • Personal WOW
  • Appreciate
  • Superb Pampering
  • Find and Keep Clients - before, during and after they are clients.

  • Dedicated to the same purpose
  • Improve the team

  • Speak out
  • Offer Solutions

  • Attitude, Knowledge and Skill
  • Perservere
  • Loyal to the one system   Digg   Email a link: Print article: subscribe Top ▲

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