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January 17th 2011 FLOOD VICTIMS NEED 'VALUE' COMPENSATION Millions of dollars in unseen damage caused.
August 26th 2010 GUILTY OF FRAUD Spruiker faces lengthy jail sentence.
March 22nd 2010 DON'T PAY ANYTHING! How sellers can save thousands of dollars.
September 23rd 2009 THE GOUGH RESPONSE Harcourts and the hardest word.
September 14th 2009 COLD AUGUST NIGHT And the price of a promise.
August 24th 2009 BANK ROBBER BANNED FROM BANKS Real crims and real estate crims.
July 13th 2009 BAD MAX And his "nice little earner".
February 2nd 2009 THE 2009 BULL BOOM What the public should know.
December 9th 2008 REIV CAUGHT CHEATING - AGAIN The motive behind false auction statistics.
November 24th 2008 TODAY'S PROPERTY MARKET & YOU The state of the market depends on what you do.
September 29th 2008 THE SYDNEY SLUM LORDS Their victims are not complaining.
September 17th 2008 SMIRKING SPRUIKER ON FRAUD CHARGES Rob Dale's committal hearing.
September 9th 2008 SONNY BILL'S HOUSE Three lessons for all property players.
September 1st 2008 THE HASTINGS CAPITAL DISASTER Ethical, strong and stable - so they claimed.
August 18th 2008 THE CONVICTION OF JOHN TALIA A warning to agents who prey on the elderly.
August 15th 2008 HOPE FOR LKM CAPITAL? Easing the anguish of investors.
August 8th 2008 AGENT DENIES DECEIT House bought for half its value.
August 4th 2008 RAIMONDO MUST RESIGN It's time for the REIV chief to go.
June 17th 2008 DEFENCE FINANCE How to defend yourself against veteran spruikers.
May 5th 2008 A GOOSE WORTH CHASING Renowned property researcher abused.
March 25th 2008 THE 47 PITCH Sucking fast bucks from suckers.
December 17th 2007 BRICK SECURITIES BANNED Radio station exposes spruiker and stops ads.
December 4th 2007 AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY How Aussies are ripped off in America.
November 21st 2007 MORTGAGE LEMONS How Australia's battlers get squeezed.
September 3rd 2007 INSIDER TRADING How real estate thieves [don't] get caught.
August 28th 2007 QUEENSLAND SPRUIKER HITS SYDNEY Dodgy Dymphna's Travelling Road Show.
August 6th 2007 MILLIONS LOST IN KIWI APARTMENTS Thousands of investors face financial disaster.
June 27th 2007 RIPPING OFF REAL ESTATE AGENTS Thousands stung in multi-million-dollar scam.
June 19th 2007 THE COMING RIP-OFF BOOM S.E. Queensland scams set to soar.
May 29th 2007 THE COLLAPSE OF ACR How 7,000 families lost $330 million.
May 18th 2007 MARVELLI THE MAGICIAN Now you see him, now you don't.
May 7th 2007 LOCK UP THE LAUGHING LIARS The crime of false quoting is back.
April 16th 2007 THE PAIN OF HATING BANGARU Don't lose your mind and your money.
March 27th 2007 THE FINCORP FIASCO Everyone knew, except the investors.
March 20th 2007 THE TRIAL OF HENRY KAYE Part One ΓΆβ?¬β?? A simple explanation of the charge.
March 13th 2007 SPRUIKERS AND POLITICIANS Low-life spivs using high-profile pollies.
February 14th 2007 FROM PROPERTY TO SNAKE OIL Phil Jones & Brad Sugars - their new scheme.
January 22nd 2007 HOMES CAN'T BE STOLEN SAYS REIA Ignore the evidence, criticise Neil Jenman.
December 11th 2006 BIRD-DOG AGENT BUSTED So this is New Zealand's best agent?
November 29th 2006 WOUNDED BULL SOLICITOR BUSTED And gets an extend Christmas holiday.
November 15th 2006 POLICE ISSUE VIRTUAL WARNINGS Robberies rise as thieves shop on-line.
October 31st 2006 WHERE IS THE ROGUE AGENT? Tipped to surface again soon.
October 16th 2006 THE STAMP DUTY PRETENCE The hypocrisy of real estate institutes.
September 4th 2006 THE BUGGER-OFF RESPONSE When ripped-off consumers complain.
August 23rd 2006 PROPERTY'S PAINFUL TRUTH Sydney first, others will be next.
July 10th 2006 NORM CAREY - THE NEW KING CON The one most responsible for Westpoint.
June 15th 2006 TRUST ME, I'M AN AGENT & POLITICIAN With my high-pressure skills, I make big bucks.
May 22nd 2006 CORRUPT CONFLICTS IGNORED Lawyer fined $30,000, but worse go unpunished.
May 12th 2006 NORM CAREY VICTIMS PROTEST Regulator failed to protect retirees.
May 9th 2006 REIV FUDGES SALES FIGURES More mass misleading and manipulation of Victorians.
May 3rd 2006 PUNISHING A QUEENSLAND ROGUE Lindsay Stringer - the most unsuccessful rogue?
March 23rd 2006 GRANDMA RIPPED OFF Dodgy dealings in Hervey Bay.
February 27th 2006 JACK, OSAMA AND GEORGE How Jihad Jack bought the get-rich pitch.
February 7th 2006 PLEASE EXPLAIN SAYS AGENT HANSON Yes, certainly, here's how to succeed.
January 23rd 2006 POSSIBLE BEST TO CERTAIN WORST What happened to SA's wonderful new laws?
January 12th 2006 REAL ESTATE BOSS SORRY FOR THIEF Public not warned about the danger.
December 15th 2005 WHAT THEY DON'T SAY More lying on the beach in Queensland.
December 9th 2005 HENRY KAYE FACES JAIL Finally, criminal fraud charges laid.
November 29th 2005 DEVIOUS DATA PLOY How the REIV thwarted it competitors.
November 18th 2005 SPRUIKER GOES SPLAT Parramatta shopper sham fails.
November 7th 2005 INVESTORS WARNED TO GET OUT QUICK Sell now before prices fall further.
November 4th 2005 KIWI SPRUIKER BLAMES BAD PUBLICITY Thousands of investors caught in apartment market collapse.
October 26th 2005 SIMON'S SIMPLE "MISTAKE" The price of insider trading in Victoria.
October 24th 2005 TRIBUNAL RULES WRAP CONTRACT "UNJUST" Hope for thousands of wrap victims.
October 18th 2005 NOTICE TO VICTIMS OF 'MONEY FOR LIVING' SCHEME Slater & Gordon to assist victims.
October 10th 2005 THE END OF THE SNEAKY TRICK? Sellers can stand up to bluffing bullies.
September 8th 2005 TRUTH SHOULD END TIME-SHARE No deception will lead to no sales.
September 1st 2005 THE BANGARU GETAWAY Let the blame games begin.
August 29th 2005 TWO AGENTS SENTENCED TO DEATH IN ASIA Dodgy deals for developers turn deadly.
August 24th 2005 POLICE ADVISE INCREASE IN THEFTS Another warning issued - to agents not home owners.
August 22nd 2005 THE SILLY OFFER SEASON Unless you ask, the answer is always no.
August 10th 2005 ALL CLEAR FOR HENRY KAYE CLASS ACTION The real fight begins now.
July 27th 2005 ROB, BOB & ROBBERY A spiv, an ex-PM and multiple robbery.
July 15th 2005 NEW ZEALAND APARTMENT WARNING Prices to fall by up to 30 per cent.
June 14th 2005 MUMMY'S HAD A HEART ATTACK And her agent is ready to do a deal.
June 7th 2005 UGLY APARTMENTS BANNED "Enough is enough," says Auckland's Mayor
May 31st 2005 HONESTY KILLS DEATH HOUSE SALE How low will it go before it sells?
May 16th 2005 SPRUIKER RIPS OFF JENMAN Conned, cheated, stitched.
May 10th 2005 BATTLERS RELEASED FROM LOAN CONTRACTS Hope for wrap victims with Supreme Court decision.
April 22nd 2005 REMNANTS OF THE KAYE GANG Minor ban for major deceit.
April 5th 2005 SPRUIKER EXCEEDS COMPLAINT LIMIT Government and Consumer Groups issue warnings.
March 23rd 2005 LAWYER WHO SWIMS WITH SHARKS Richard Ebbott - predator instead of protector.
March 18th 2005 DOLLARS FOR HORRORS Finally, a price for "the murder house".
March 8th 2005 REIV DISMISSES 'SEX CLAIM' WITHOUT PROPER INVESTIGATION Consumer's complaint deserves independent scrutiny.
March 4th 2005 AN UNREALITY CHECK FROM THE AGENTS Desperate moves to downplay the impact of interest rate rises.
February 23rd 2005 KAYE'S BANKER BACKS DOWN IN COURT AFD aborts legal action against loan victims.
February 22nd 2005 THE MAN WHO WAS NOT HENRY KAYE'S PARTNER Putting an end to incorrect reports.
February 7th 2005 THE GOLDFISH IN THE SHARK POOL Sandra Peach of Ray White Lane Cove.
January 27th 2005 AUCTION SPIN ROARING Pity about the sales results.
January 25th 2005 MAJOR NETWORK TO CEASE BAIT PRICING Will other agents get the message?
December 20th 2004 STIFF FINE "A JOKE" SAYS AGENT LJ Hooker North Ryde misled buyers of death house.
December 10th 2004 FAMILY FACE EVICTION Another wrap deal turns sour.
December 7th 2004 SUNNY STATE NABS SHADY SPRUIKER What happened? Did he surrender?
November 25th 2004 OLDEST AGENT WITH OLDEST VICTIM? Something's not right.
November 24th 2004 GREEN LIGHT TO CHEAT Agents thumb their noses at regulators.
November 22nd 2004 FAMOUS AGENT IN BIG TROUBLE Authorities send clear message to all agents.
November 15th 2004 APPLES WITH APPLES Tossing the property fruit salad.
November 11th 2004 THE SYLVIA EFFECT Loans for property investing soar.
November 8th 2004 PROPERTY FAILS BIG TEST It's time to confront reality.
November 1st 2004 THE BOOM IS BACK It depends what you mean by "boom".
October 28th 2004 PROPERTY SPRUIKER DEFENDS DECEIT Warning about "unscrupulous operators".
October 27th 2004 SPRUIKER'S "BAD BOY" AUCTION SECRET "The highest standards of integrity."
October 23rd 2004 IT'S OFFICIAL - HENRY KAYE IS DISHONEST ACCC wins Federal Court case.
October 20th 2004 FUNERAL CHASERS FACE FINES More forms of contact likely to be curtailed.
October 15th 2004 INSTITUTE OPPOSES NEW DISCLOSURE LAWS Protecting agents is the aim of the Institute.
October 7th 2004 DEADLINE LOOMS ON DEATH HOUSE It's all perfectly legal.
October 4th 2004 HAS ANYONE SEEN JONATHON HARDING? Stop him before he ruins it for everyone.
September 28th 2004 FLEA INFESTED HOTEL DEALS How classy hotel chains lie down with dirty dog developers.
September 27th 2004 QUEENSLAND HOMESELLERS ROBBED But don't warn the public.
September 22nd 2004 PROPERTY ON A PRECIPICE Who will 'crack' first - the sellers or the buyers?
September 17th 2004 WA INSTITUTE THREATENS GOVERNMENT Stamp duty bonanza "virtually criminal" says REIWA.
September 16th 2004 MORE CONTROLS ON BLACKLISTS And a fairer deal for tenants.
September 14th 2004 LEADING JOURNALIST ACCUSED OF GREED New book written to "make money" says critic.
September 13th 2004 CAUGHT IN THEIR OWN BAIT TRAP Queensland agent cops $12,000 penalty.
September 9th 2004 NEW HEAD OF A ROTTEN INDUSTRY Kiwi agents choose a new leader.
September 7th 2004 THE REAL ESTATE DOCTORS How they try to cure a crook property.
September 1st 2004 AUSTRALIA'S BIGGEST PROPERTY SPRUIKER The REIA and its astonishing spin.
August 30th 2004 NEW LAWS WILL South Australia's new consumer laws loom closer.
August 26th 2004 SAVAGERY IN NEW ZEALAND The REINZ and the protection of real estate agents.
August 23rd 2004 THE GANG OF TWELVE Queensland consumers are not mugs.
August 18th 2004 SELLERS REFUSE GOOD OFFERS The reason? Too many agents have told too many lies.
August 16th 2004 AGENTS FACE JAIL UNDER NEW LAWS New laws to protect SA consumers upset many agents.
August 13th 2004 PUT 'EM OUT OF BUSINESS! Enemies fight. It's about "maximum protection" for consumers.
August 11th 2004 SECRET DODGY DEAL BACKFIRES More disgrace for Henry Kaye's money pals.
August 10th 2004 NZ PROPERTY CHIEF GETS PERCENTAGES UPSIDE DOWN It's time to turn-the-tables.
August 9th 2004 TASMANIAN AGENCY GUILTY OF FALSE REPRESENTATION Complaints from Sydney buyer over Internet advertising.
August 3rd 2004 WA REGULATOR ACTS AGAINST QUEENSLAND SPRUIKER But is it really necessary given Queensland's record?
July 28th 2004 GURU GOTTA GO Financial advice disguised.
July 27th 2004 AMERICAN SPRUIKER INVASION As one rides out, another rides in.
July 23rd 2004 AMERICAN GURU EXPOSED IN AUSTRALIA Robert G Allen runs from simple challenge.
July 22nd 2004 SOLICITOR RESCUES KAYE VICTIM Finance contract with AFD cancelled.
July 21st 2004 AUSTRALIA ACTS AGAINST AMERICAN GET-RICH GURU Allegations of misleading and deceptive conduct.
July 19th 2004 A REAL MILLIONAIRE CHALLENGE Robert G Allen - Your "Big Mouth" is formally challenged!
July 16th 2004 FINANCE COMPANY BREACHED CREDIT CODES Increased hope for many Henry Kaye victims.
July 16th 2004 ASIC ACTS AGAINST AMERICAN SPRUIKERS Surely consumers will stay away now.
July 12th 2004 THE QUACK IS COMING BACK Stay away from Robert G Allen.
July 7th 2004 OLD SPRUIKERS PRESENTING NEW SEMINARS Kaye's former cronies target Kaye's former clients.
July 5th 2004 THREE DAYS, THREE SEMINARS & AT LEAST THREE MILLION How a gang of American spruikers is fleecing Aussies.
June 30th 2004 THAT TRAVELLING "SCAM" SEMINAR ACCC takes action against American promoter.
June 25th 2004 BADNESS IN THE BUSH Two sample stories from two states.
June 23rd 2004 BUSH MADNESS Herds of punters head for disaster.
June 17th 2004 FINDING TODAY'S WORST INVESTMENT Memo to Budding Property Investors:
June 15th 2004 CONSUMERS URGED TO FIGHT INVESTMENT SCAMS Taking the message to Canberra.
June 10th 2004 HENRY KAYE VICTIMS TAKE ACTION Slater & Gordon to file proceedings against AFD.
June 9th 2004 SUBURBAN AGENT CONVICTED OF FRAUD Now, what about the big boys?
June 7th 2004 SHAKY INVESTMENTS Misleading ads for Auckland apartments.
June 2nd 2004 NEW TUNES, SAME SPOTS Don't be treated like a dummy.
May 31st 2004 WHY EVERY AUCTION IS A FAILURE TODAY Even the dismal figures don't tell the true story.
May 27th 2004 DISASTROUS PROPERTY PREDICTIONS It's time to look at those Melbourne price predictions.
May 25th 2004 GAME OVER Don't follow players, follow indicators.
May 24th 2004 ACCC ACTS SWIFTLY American spruiker under investigation.
May 19th 2004 SPEAKING WITH THE SPRUIKER Neil Jenman talks to Robert G Allen.
May 18th 2004 AMERICAN SPRUIKER IN AUSTRALIA The US version of Henry Kaye arrives down-under.
May 17th 2004 THE PROPERTY "WAIT LOSS" PROGRAM The longer they wait, the more they lose.
May 13th 2004 BOOM IN PROPERTY LOAN SHARKING Thousands of battlers face financial slaughter.
May 4th 2004 DUMMY BIDDING WITNESS THREATENED The Queensland method of handling one consumer's complaint.
May 3rd 2004 PRICES FALLING FURTHER Melbourne figures point to a national trend.
April 29th 2004 DUMMY BIDDING RIFE IN QUEENSLAND If only you knew, Minister.
April 27th 2004 AGENTS TAUGHT TO CHASE DEATH NOTICES Inside the Queensland real estate licensing course.
April 23rd 2004 THE DEATH CALLERS It's been going on for years, Minister.
April 22nd 2004 THE IPSWICH STITCH Old foxes with a new scheme.
April 21st 2004 HOPE FOR BLACKLIST TENANTS Agents and landlords placed on notice to behave.
April 14th 2004 DISGRACED SPRUIKER FLIES AWAY "That's it buddy."
April 7th 2004 GREEDY TAX OR TAXING GREED The NSW Government's new property taxes.
April 7th 2004 CHANGES TO THE NSW PROPERTY TAX SYSTEM. A brief summary.
April 6th 2004 "MILLIONAIRE CHALLENGE" IN DEEP HOLE It's time to stop digging deceit.
April 5th 2004 THE PAIN OF THE GET-RICH SPRUIKER Weekend wealth seminar stops before it starts.
April 4th 2004 THREATS OVER TELEVISION PROGRAM 60 Minutes - Property scams investigation.
April 1st 2004 THREE YEARS JAIL FOR AGENT Meanwhile, many others escape.
March 31st 2004 EXPLOITING THE PUREST LOVE The bank wants to meet the parents.
March 29th 2004 REPLACING HENRY Act now, Sheriff Samuel - the spruikers are getting worse.
March 24th 2004 TWO HATS - ONE CON For thousands, the pain lives on.
March 19th 2004 DON AND THE DRAGON Message from a St George Bank shareholder.
March 17th 2004 THE GLOOM BOOM Scaring the life out of retirees.
March 15th 2004 KIWI HAWKERS TARGET AUSSIE INVESTORS The more exclamation marks you see, the more careful you need to be!!
March 11th 2004 THE GREAT ESCAPE Fleeing buyers could create Melbourne apartment crash.
March 10th 2004 WRAPPERS UNWRAPPED Meeting reveals nasty home truths.
March 10th 2004 CON MAN SUED FOR DECEIT And victims of con man sued by finance company.
March 9th 2004 THE SHARK POOL Feeding frenzy tonight in Victoria.
March 8th 2004 INSTITUTE MISLEADING CONSUMERS The continual mockery of consumer protection.
March 4th 2004 ELVIS SHOPPING FOR PROPERTY And this is NOT a good omen for investors.
March 2nd 2004 BAIT PRICING - "SERIOUS BREACH OF LAW" New Queensland Minister to take action.
March 1st 2004 STOP THE OUTRAGE Real Estate Institute bosses want to help.
February 27th 2004 HALLELUJAH FOR PETER COSTELLO Spruikers to rejoice over the Treasurer's latest comments.
February 26th 2004 WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER SPRUIKERS? Kiwi regulators set an example for us to follow.
February 24th 2004 MORE SCHEMES & MORE MISERY In the footsteps of Henry Kaye.
February 19th 2004 HOW THE ANZAC SPIRIT LIQUIDATED A CONMAN The courage of noble creditors.
February 18th 2004 NII LIQUIDATED Creditors reject Henry Kaye's deal.
February 17th 2004 KAYE SUFFERS K.O. Grandmother knocks-out the new King Con.
February 13th 2004 AGENT DEMANDS COMMISSION FOR NO SALE It all depends what is meant by "sell".
February 10th 2004 THE (NON) SENSE OF AUCTION RESULTS Those confusing "clearance" rates.
February 8th 2004 PAYING THE PRICE FOR HONESTY Truth attracts trouble in Queensland.
February 4th 2004 HENRY KAYE THREATENS A GRANDMOTHER The conman and the consumer advocate.
February 2nd 2004 GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS From whom should investors take their advice?
January 29th 2004 NEW LAWS, SAME DOUBLESPEAK Inside the sealed sections of Victoria's property club.
January 27th 2004 AUCTION LEMONS Ripe for the picking as the season begins.
January 21st 2004 ANOTHER LAW FIRM ESCAPES In Queensland, this is called a victory.
January 19th 2004 KAYE CONFUSION AS MEETING POSTPONED Disappointment - from the complex to the simple.
January 15th 2004 PRICES PLUNGE Residential property prices seem to be in free-fall.
January 15th 2004 YES, MINISTER - GO! Disgraced Fair Trading Minister resigns.
January 12th 2004 THE QUACKS ARE BACK The Easter Bunny wants your bucks.
January 9th 2004 CREDITORS URGED TO VOTE NO FOR KAYE'S PLAN "We would be stupid to trust Henry."
January 8th 2004 AGENTS FAIL ETHICS SURVEYS It's just not fair!
January 6th 2004 GUTLESS REACTION FROM FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Outrage and heartache from cheated consumers (voters).
January 5th 2004 AGENT NOT NOT GUILTY REIV issues misleading press release.
December 26th 2003 KAYE WON'T GET AWAY Investigations set to continue.
December 24th 2003 OUTRAGE AS ASIC APPEARS TO BACK DOWN Henry Kaye Federal Court hearing adjourned.
December 23rd 2003 HOPE FOR KAYE'S FINANCE VICTIMS Regulators may come to the rescue.
December 22nd 2003 THE SIMPLE EVIL OF HENRY KAYE Clearing up the current confusion.
December 17th 2003 THE BLACKLIST SHAME Prejudice, spite and inequality in the rental market.
December 16th 2003 TRUE VALUES AND FALSE PRICES Learning property's biggest lesson, the hard way.
December 15th 2003 AGENT LOCKS 'EM UP Another episode of real estate comedy.
December 13th 2003 SALES TRICK BACKFIRES ON AGENT Judge orders $240,000 payout to homesellers.
December 11th 2003 REIV SPRAYS INSULTS & THREATS ASIC, the ACCC, the State Government and now the Reserve Bank.
December 10th 2003 HIDDEN HEROES OF REAL ESTATE UNDER THREAT How a few crooks create massive damage.
December 8th 2003 REIV AGENT ACCUSED OF DECEPTION Denials, spin and cover-up confront the ACCC.
December 8th 2003 FORMER KAYE ASSOCIATES STILL AT LARGE Seminar scheduled tonight in Perth.
December 5th 2003 KIWI SHAME AT KAYE CONNECTION The honest country shudders with repugnance.
December 4th 2003 PROPERTY PLAYERS HAVE BACKED LOSERS Interest rates and investors.
December 3rd 2003 HENRY KAYE VICTIMS THREATENED Pay up or else, says finance company's lawyers.
December 2nd 2003 GET RICH QUICK IN REAL ESTATE How one person can make a million next weekend.
December 1st 2003 PSST - HEY, MR SAMUEL, THE CON ARTISTS HAVEN'T GONE They have just gone thataway...
November 30th 2003 FUDGING FIGURES How auction results deceive the public.
November 27th 2003 THE KAYE SCANDAL ABC's Lateline Interview
November 26th 2003 PUBLIC APOLOGY ABOUT HENRY KAYE By Neil Jenman
November 25th 2003 AUCTION CRIMINALS UNEMPLOYED TODAY How did they get away with it for so long?
November 25th 2003 RECEIVER APPOINTED TO NII It's time for a National Inquiry.
November 21st 2003 HEADLINES HERALD THE DEMISE OF AUCTIONS A look at what the major papers are reporting.
November 20th 2003 KAYE EMPIRE CRUMBLING Receivers move on Empower Group.
November 19th 2003 DUMMY AUCTIONS TO TRAIN AGENTS Real estate agents prepare for honesty.
November 17th 2003 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PROPERTY REPORT If this doesn't make investors listen, nothing will.
November 14th 2003 BLOWING BUBBLES Another clue for property investors.
November 13th 2003 QUACKER KNOCKED DOWN The result of the get-rich-quack auction.
November 12th 2003 INSIDER TRADER CAUGHT Is this the greatest real estate joke?
November 11th 2003 WHY THE BIG SURPRISE? If you think this is a surprise, brace yourself for a shock.
November 8th 2003 JOHN LENDERS CHASES SUSPECT LENDERS Henry Kaye and the billion dollar lender.
November 7th 2003 TASMANIA'S CODE OF COVER UP A former branch president of Institute resigns in protest.
November 6th 2003 RATES UP - PRICES DOWN? It's a tap, not a spanking.
November 5th 2003 REAL ESTATE ROGUE THREATENS JENMAN Demands an apology - or else!
November 3rd 2003 QUACKERS MARKED DOWN The value of a used-quack program.
November 1st 2003 COOLING MARKET GOOD NEWS FOR BUYERS And caution for sellers.
October 31st 2003 THE WRAPPING SCAMS More focus on the ripping schemes.
October 29th 2003 MULTI-MILLIONAIRE UNDER ATTACK He just wants to "change the world for the better".
October 28th 2003 HOTELS FROM HELL Another epidemic of investing misery surfaces.
October 27th 2003 MAJORITY SUPPORT DISHONESTY REIV Council votes to protect unethical agents.
October 23rd 2003 BATTLERS CLEANED OUT BY NII How can this be allowed to happen?
October 22nd 2003 ALERT ON PROPERTY PREDATORS The boom has created an epidemic of predators.
October 21st 2003 WATCHDOG CAUGHT IN AUCTION TRAP Embattled agents bag a prize catch.
October 18th 2003 AUCTIONEER IN COURT Former president of REIV under the legal hammer.
October 17th 2003 HOMEBUYER SUES AGENT Puffery falls flat - again.
October 16th 2003 "MEDIA WRONG" CLAIMS HENRY KAYE A new excuse to reject pleas for refunds.
October 15th 2003 PROPERTY BURN IN QUEENSLAND Arrest the crooks not the trend!
October 14th 2003 ASTROLOGER PREDICTS PROPERTY PRICES He's got a good record of success.
October 13th 2003 AUCTIONS STALL WITHOUT SPARK PLUGS Can't get started without deceit.
October 10th 2003 AGENTS ANGRY OVER IDEA TO HELP BUYERS Courtesy and respect is a good business idea.
October 7th 2003 FALSE PRICES STILL RAMPANT New laws fail to stop false quotes.
October 6th 2003 HENRY KAYE SEMINARS "POSTPONED" A week in the life of a get-rich-quacker.
October 3rd 2003 ANYONE SEEN HENRY? Did you see the ads? Did you attend the seminar?
October 2nd 2003 ASIC ALSO MOVES AGAINST HENRY KAYE - AGAIN What will he do now? Is there a tiny clue?
October 1st 2003 DECADES OF DECEIT If the ACCC is serious, consumers will be big winners.
October 1st 2003 ACCC MOVES AGAINST HENRY KAYE Alleges misleading and deceptive conduct.
September 30th 2003 SWEEPING REAL ESTATE REFORMS IN SA Agents in turmoil as lone politician's crusade gains support.
September 29th 2003 THE "PHISHING" SCAM Latest threat to real estate consumers.
September 28th 2003 BRISBANE LAWYER RIPS OFF SYDNEY BUYERS They did not use the golden rule of property investing.
September 24th 2003 ANGRY CLIENTS PICKET GET-RICH-QUICK SEMINAR Give the money back - QUICK.
September 23rd 2003 A NATIONAL SHAME Like tens of thousands of consumers, she does understand one important point - Henry Kaye took her savings.
September 22nd 2003 A WEEK OF WARNINGS Property overvalued by 30 per cent.
September 20th 2003 HUGE CRASH LOOMING SAYS LEADING VALUER Prices may fall 50 per cent.
September 19th 2003 HOLES IN THE SALES Wholesale buyers face huge losses.
September 19th 2003 AGENT COMMITS DUMMY SUICIDE But where is the money?
September 17th 2003 CHANNEL SEVEN APOLOGISES TO A LIAR Clarifying confusion in the scams.
September 16th 2003 HENRY KAYE FAILS LIE DETECTOR TEST How much longer can this liar remain on the loose?
September 15th 2003 REAL ESTATE "SWITCH DOCTORS" EXPOSED And the spin doctors roll out their predictable platitudes.
September 14th 2003 THE WRAPPING DEBATE It all comes down to one important question.
September 13th 2003 THE GET-RICH-QUICK DICTIONARY Don't lose your cents to Henry Kaye.
September 11th 2003 HENRY KAYE DEFINES Extreme wealth rapidly - for one person.
September 10th 2003 INVESTORS OF MASS DECEPTION Lenders, lawyers, valuers - how can they not know?
September 9th 2003 AGENT ELECTED POLITICAL LEADER From insider trading to inside politics.
September 8th 2003 HENRY THE STUNTMAN On board Henry Kaye's "Property Titanic".
September 3rd 2003 HENRY KAYE - GO AWAY Ultimatum and response
September 2nd 2003 ACCC PROMISES TO TARGET PROPERTY SEMINARS The ACCC has made some promising promises.
September 1st 2003 NEW REAL ESTATE LAWS IN NSW Sadly, consumers need to be as careful as ever.
August 27th 2003 HOMESELLERS MUST SHOP AROUND There's never been a better time to sell.
August 25th 2003 NATIONAL ROGUE ALERT Former "King Con" associate resurfaces
August 21st 2003 A BLOCK ON THE BEST PRICE Brilliant show, pity about the prices.
August 19th 2003 AGENTS' COMMISSIONS MAY FACE INVESTIGATION Cost of incompetence will be hard to justify
August 18th 2003 BURN THE BOOK Real estate suppression
August 16th 2003 GET-RICH-QUACKS IN THE PRESS An inside look at the tactics of the predators.
August 15th 2003 PETER AND HIS FRIEND JAMES Aussies and Kiwis have always been close
August 14th 2003 DISTRESSED CLIENTS PLEAD FOR HELP "Please listen to us!!!!!"
August 13th 2003 CONVICTED AGENT KEEPS ON SELLING Where else but Queensland?
August 10th 2003 REAL ESTATE CRIME STOPPERS? The position of Henry Kaye's Court ordered refund ad.
August 9th 2003 THE FRAUDS AND FLAWS OF AUCTION Worst real estate disaster?
August 7th 2003 KIWI DECEIVERS TARGET AUSSIE CONSUMERS How two deceivers tried to align themselves with Jenman.
August 6th 2003 $70 MILLION IN LOSSES HANDLED BY ONE LAWYER Staggering losses in Queensland - past and present.
August 5th 2003 THE KEYSTONE STATE Another bumbling episode from Queensland
August 4th 2003 HENRY KAYE DISTORTS TRUTH "ASIC has helped my business," boasts deceiver.
August 1st 2003 HENRY THE RIPPER Not the last of the "opportunists"
July 30th 2003 "PROPERTY EDUCATION" RATS Behind the shopping centre ambushes
July 29th 2003 NO SALE DOES NOT MEAN NO PAYMENT RECA issues warning on agency agreements
July 28th 2003 CLEANING UP THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY The best new laws do not cross state borders
July 27th 2003 DISCLOSING DISHONEST PROPERTY LAWYERS Sleazy lawyers and their real estate buddies
July 26th 2003 PROPERTY BUYERS BEWARE Henry Kaye, Dudley Quinlivan (King Con) and others
July 25th 2003 TEACHING CRABS TO WALK STRAIGHT No compromise on consumer protection
July 24th 2003 GOLD COAST - HAVEN FOR CROOKS "75 per cent of all crooks are on the Gold Coast."
July 23rd 2003 AGENT'S ADVERTISING BILL RULED "EXTINCT" Legal decision on "negligent" advertising
July 21st 2003 TRULY UNTOUCHABLES At the doors of the real estate racketeers
July 18th 2003 HIDDEN BEHIND THE HEADLINES The other story in the property market.
July 15th 2003 AMBUSH AT THE MALL Two cancer sufferers and a "responsible corporate citizen"
July 12th 2003 SELLERS SHOULD REJECT OPEN INSPECTIONS Police, insurance companies and consumer groups warn of the dangers
July 9th 2003 THE PROPERTY STRAWBERRY BOX Investment adviser compares property to strawberries
July 8th 2003 SIX MILLION EMPTY BEDROOMS As we get hooked on debt, maybe it's time to remember something else.
July 7th 2003 DARK SIDE OF THE BOOM The False Market and the Real Market.
July 3rd 2003 VULTURES CIRCLE AS LOSSES COMMENCE This is just the beginning
June 26th 2003 HOMEBUYERS MAY GET WARRANTIES Proposed ACT laws avoid the mistakes in Queensland
June 25th 2003 POLICE ARREST FAKE AGENT Property scam with a new twist
June 24th 2003 STOP STAMPING ON CONSUMERS A "FAIR GO" is all they ask
June 23rd 2003 WHO INSPECTS HOME INSPECTORS? Buyers: Beware of what you're buying
June 20th 2003 DUMMIES WAVE WHITE FLAG Institute gives up campaign to maintain auction deceit
June 19th 2003 AGENT FALSELY CLAIMS ENDORSEMENT BY JENMAN Another warning about so-called "Jenman agents".
June 18th 2003 PROPERTY BURGLARIES A NATIONAL PROBLEM Open slather for thieves
June 13th 2003 "LOW LIFE" AGENT JAILED 96 year-old just one of many victims of deception, greed and dishonesty
June 11th 2003 AGENT AVOIDS TIME IN JAIL Former institute agent receives suspended jail sentence
June 9th 2003 THE GOVERNOR'S DISPLEASURE Interest rates and social consequences
June 2nd 2003 THE COMING PROPERTY CRASH The property tip of the year
May 30th 2003 "TOP" AGENT FACES TEN CHARGES The man who teaches deception is charged with deception
May 28th 2003 AGENT CONVICTED OVER COMMISSION SCAM A well-known scam leads to agent's conviction
May 22nd 2003 THE AUCTION FLOP OF THE CENTURY Real estate auction spin - no matter what the result
May 21st 2003 CANBERRA RESIDENTS AT HIGH RISK OF PROPERTY RORTS The ACT is "a feeding ground for victims" of investment scams.
May 19th 2003 PROPERTY PRICES FALLING The emerging truth of the property market
May 16th 2003 REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT SCAMS The time has come to throw the spotlight on the Real Estate Institute.
May 10th 2003 DESPERATE SELLER Another case of legal real estate insider trading.
May 4th 2003 BOOMING REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS Read our brief report on how much you should pay an agent to sell your home.
May 3rd 2003 INSIDER TRADING Rene Rivkin not a big fish compared to many agents
May 1st 2003 NEW LAWS FOR VICTORIA Industry pressure failing to prevent real estate reforms.
April 30th 2003 $2.5 MILLION DROP IN VALUE Australia's Biggest Real Estate Price Crash?
April 27th 2003 THE COMMISSION BOOM Financial strife in the battle against big commissions
April 24th 2003 HIGH LEVEL HYPOCRISY Comment on the latest press release from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria
April 21st 2003 GET-RICH-QUICK-SEMINARS The real estate snake oil boys
April 11th 2003 Beware split-the-difference scam Agents should not require bonus incentives
April 9th 2003 Detecting lies "Today Tonight" Lie Detector Test
April 3rd 2003 REAL ESTATE SWINDLER BACKS DOWN King Con gives up on law suit
April 1st 2003 AUCTIONS BANNED The auction of residential real estate has been banned in Queensland.
March 28th 2003 FALSE PRICES New Zealand agent convicted. Thousands of Australian agents unpunished.
March 25th 2003 AUCTION DEBATE - UPDATE The truth about the REIV's debate "acceptance".
March 20th 2003 The Reputation of Agents Neil Jenman on why agents have a poor reputation
March 5th 2003 Neil Jenman heckled by agents at consumer seminar Agent hecklers try to disrupt seminar
February 27th 2003 Consumer Safety in 2003 HOW SAFE ARE REAL ESTATE CONSUMERS IN 2003?
February 12th 2003 SYDNEY PRICES FALL Underground market collapse catching homesellers
January 17th 2003 Property Investment CLOSING THE GURU GAP
November 14th 2002 BAIT PRICING SCANDALS Bait pricing causes enormous financial loss.
October 29th 2002 The real estate "fall guy" Agent charged with "bait-pricing"
October 23rd 2002 Why are they so angry? Agents Angry About Laws To Stamp Out Dishonesty.
September 14th 2002 Cooling-off Periods Cooling-off for lovers, but not buyers!
July 8th 2002 Free Speech Real Estate and "Free Speech"
June 28th 2002 President Refuses Institute President Refuses To Debate Real Estate Ethics
June 26th 2002 Real Estate Excluded Real Estate Excluded - Yet Again - From Moves To Protect "Mums-And-Dads"
June 24th 2002 Jenman Calls For Full Inquiry Real Estate Industry Continues To Hoodwink Consumers And Government On Ethics
March 26th 2002 Financial Services Reform (FSR) Agents Escape Regulation - Again
March 25th 2002 Bait Prices Rampant Bait Prices Rampant
February 25th 2002 Ansett A Magnificent Example Of "Brotherhood"
November 21st 2001 Dummy Bidding Dummy Bidding - It's All Lies
August 14th 2001 Ripper Auctions "Ripper Auctions" - But Who's Being Ripped?
August 6th 2001 Consumer Guarantee Real Estate Guarantee Increases Trust
July 5th 2001 Full Investigation Real Estate Industry needs full investigation
July 2nd 2001 Home-Sellers Warned:
May 20th 2001 First Home Buyers Danger For First-Home Buyers

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