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Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy. - F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Be careful what it does to you!

John D Rockefeller was the richest man who ever lived. He was worth $663 Billion (in today's dollars) when he died. But he still died.


Unethical behavior??

Does the real estate agency not have some moral obligation to purchasers as well as vendors?

We had an offer on a property accepted a couple of days ago by a vendor with the verbal agreement that if my wife liked we would proceed...



13 Reasons to Reject Jordan Belfort (Wolf Wall St)

I have been in real estate for 42 years and I have never felt as ashamed with something in our industry as I am over your decision to have Jordan Belfort as a headline speaker at your seminar. Disgraceful!


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Where do you find the best capital growth? Often, not where you might expect.

I'm devoting this edition to discussing the results of our latest suburb-by-suburb survey. It reveals the locations with the best track records on price growth over 10 years.



But shame on fools at REIWA for gross stupidity!

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) has made a brave and ethical decision. Well done.



A dying man wants his money back.

But whether Brien Cornwell is giving his word to investors or to ASIC, it makes no difference. Brien Cornwell's word amounts to diddley squat.


The best place to buy property.

Generally speaking, the best place to buy an investment property is from a real estate agent.


Beware of real estate's worst nightmare.

This is not a joke, it's a serious warning about what can happen to almost any property owner in Australia...
Download Homesellers Protection Guarantee

Homesellers Protection Guarantee.

Homesellers! Don't Sign Anything
unless the agent first signs a GUARANTEE which protects you

This Homesellers Protection Guarantee has been designed following consultation with a legal team and advocates who are committed to consumer protection in real estate. Until improved consumer protection legislation comes into effect, you are welcome to use this Jenman APPROVED Homesellers Protection Guarantee without cost or obligation to The Jenman Group.



In 12 chapters, you will see the inside workings of real estate and how thousands of consumers lose millions of dollars. All the tricks and traps are exposed with many examples and case studies. This book provides the evidence to support Neil's claim that the real estate industry is "rotten to the core". It also provides simple solutions and shows how you, as a consumer, can have control. To read extracts, please Click here

Real Estate Mistakes

Real Estate Mistakes

Neil Jenman's first book on how to avoid real estate mistakes. Since 2000, more than 200,000 copies have been published. This is the book most agents don't want you to read. It has been banned from being advertised in many papers where agents advertise. Get yourself a copy and find out why agents hate it and consumers love it. For more details and to read extracts, click here…........Full story

18 Worst Mistakes made by Sellers

18 Worst Mistakes Made By Homesellers & The Solutions

Selling your home can be a nightmare of frustration and disappointment. It can cost you thousands of dollars, either in selling too cheaply or in needless expenses. It need not be this way ... Selling your home should be a pleasant and rewarding experience. You should receive the highest possible price at the lowest possible cost. This booklet will help you avoid eighteen costly mistakes . .......Full story

13 Worst Mistakes Made By Homebuyers

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding times of your life. Or it can be a roller-coaster ride of financial and emotional devastation. It depends on what you do. And what you do, depends on what you know. Most homebuyers do not have enough accurate knowledge. Worse, many are ill-informed. This booklet lists 13 of the worst mistakes made by homebuyers. . .......Full story

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$70 per hour

$50 per hour
in some regional centres and some parts of Tasmania

Most Jenman APPROVED offices are about to offer a new position in 2015 that of a part-time property consultant.

These are wonderful career opportunities and will be ideal for stay-at-home-Mums (or Dads!) who have a few hours to spare each week. Or perhaps people who have had a successful business career and have retired too soon. We are looking for the very best and brightest people; hence, the reason for offering you such an excellent hourly reward rate.

You’ll need a fine character, a commitment to client care and a track record of success in a sales career or a business venture. You’ll also need to be committed to learning and improving your skills. If you like reading books about successful people, that will be a big plus. We find that people who are committed readers are often very successful in sales and business.

If you are successful in applying for one of these part-time positions, you will be able to choose your own hours and your own days. You will be required for 40 hours per month.

We are expecting a huge demand for these positions which will soon be advertised by offices throughout Australia. So, if you think you might be interested, please call Arthur Kolovos or Debbie Matthews on 1800 1800 18. We’ll send you a complimentary copy of Neil Jenman’s acclaimed book, Real Estate Mistakes, to give you an insight into the ‘Jenman philosophy’.

With your permission, we will then pass on your name and details to your nearest Jenman Approved office OR, if you prefer, we will give you the name of the manager of your nearest Jenman Approved office and you can make contact when it suits you.

Thanks for your interest.

Neil Jenman