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March 23rd 2011 DISAPPOINTMENT WITH STEPHEN FAGAN The sort of spruiker who gives spruikers a bad name.
November 11th 2010 AMERICAN WARNING A deadly trap for Aussie investors.
August 16th 2010 INVESTMENT SLUMS Don't buy into them.
February 1st 2010 BRIEN CORNWELL'S WORD A dying man wants his money back.
August 6th 2009 THE HUMBLE AGENT The best place to buy property.
May 13th 2009 THE STUFFED ENVELOPE SCAM Warning. Is your agent on the take?
April 1st 2009 INVESTING IN QUEENSLAND Two golden rules guaranteed to protect you.
December 4th 2008 KUNG FU SPRUIKER Edwin Goulding and "Peasantville".
November 10th 2008 SELLERS - DON'T BUY FIRST Keep control and keep thousands of dollars.
September 30th 2008 DODGY DINO DOESN'T SHOW How I nearly met Dino Livanidis.
August 5th 2008 HOW TO SPOT A SCAM Learning from the Olympic ticket scam.
July 7th 2008 AFTER THE NOAH GROUP A story about one battling family.
May 13th 2008 MARK BRYERS IN AUSTRALIA Kiwi spruiker targets Aussies.
April 1st 2008 MURDER HOME FOR SALE Agent denies knowledge of crime.
November 5th 2007 BEWARE THE SELLING MACHINES Sucking-in thousands of naive investors.
August 22nd 2007 HOW TO COMPLAIN ABOUT AGENTS Don't make threats and try not to be rude.
July 25th 2007 'RENT TO BUY' SCHEMES New name for an old scam.
May 31st 2007 THE VALUE IS NOT THE VALUE Why investors lose millions in property.
May 22nd 2007 THE FOOTPRINTS OF KING CON He's behind a bush called Assets to Wealth.
March 23rd 2007 ANOTHER SPRUIKER ANOTHER THREAT Terrifying countdown ultimatum.
February 22nd 2007 INSIGHT INTO A PROPERTY SCAM A guided tour of how they do it.
January 15th 2007 ANYONE CAN STEAL YOUR HOME Beware of real estate's worst nightmare.
November 14th 2006 THE ORIGIN OF SCAMS That innocent phone call offering to help you.
October 25th 2006 SURE LOSS SCHEMES More mezzanine-style disasters.
August 28th 2006 THE SUCKED-OUT SCAMS Get angry about equity robbery.
July 17th 2006 POWER LOAN - APPEARANCE & REALITY It's time to shut down this ex-Westpoint ally.
June 2nd 2006 THE MAN CALLED 'KING CON' A review of his latest seminar.
May 15th 2006 THE HARD WORK TRAP Thousands of sellers wasting millions of dollars.
April 20th 2006 THE BUSHRANGER OF BAFFLE CREEK Legal robbery at the point of a pen.
February 13th 2006 THE SCANDAL OF STIGMA HOMES It's time to set up a monitoring service.
November 11th 2005 NEW NAME, NEW COUNTRY, SAME OLD SCAM Disgraced Aussie turns up in Canada.
November 8th 2005 PROTECT ME FROM POISON Buyers need to be alert and alarmed.
October 25th 2005 THE BIG DADDY SPRUIKER IS BACK Same pitch, different company, same stitch.
September 26th 2005 LAND BANK INVESTORS Some get rich and some get ripped.
June 23rd 2005 STATEMENT OF TNTI VICTIM George Mihos and his dodgy ways.
March 15th 2005 WHITTON'S WORST OF THE WORST IN WEALTH WIZARDRY The seminar that ends up costing you $495 + $6,995 + $10,995 + much, much more.
February 26th 2005 FACT & FICTION IN THE LIFE OF A SELF-PROCLAIMED LEGEND Serial bankrupt still claiming "astonishing" success.
February 16th 2005 THE 2005 SPRUIKING SEASON Hunting for consumer dollars.
January 24th 2005 "THE BUSINESS OF MAKING MONEY" WARNING: Those little ads can spell big losses.
December 21st 2004 SAFETY IN REAL ESTATE A few safe rules for property consumers.
November 29th 2004 NO GUARANTEE, NO SIGNATURE! Protect yourself from property rogues.
November 3rd 2004 NIGERIAN-STYLE REAL ESTATE SCAM Homesellers urged to be careful.
October 25th 2004 THE "GOVERNMENT" PROPERTY PITCH Behind that smooth talking caller.
September 28th 2004 RENTAL GUARANTEE SCAMS How investors lose thousands with rental guarantees.
June 17th 2004 NOTICE TO HENRY KAYE "LOAN" VICTIMS Information regarding class action against AFD.
June 2nd 2004 WHOLESALE PROPERTY RIP-OFFS How investors get conned twice.
December 8th 2003 ALERT ON MEZZANINE LENDING Please take great care!
November 6th 2003 DUMMY BIDDING Inside auction's notorious fraud
October 27th 2003 ALERT ON PROPERTY PREDATORS The boom has created an epidemic of predators.
October 4th 2003 THE "PHISHING" SCAM Latest threat to real estate consumers.
September 8th 2003 BATTLING BUYERS BEWARE Real estate pawnbrokers can exploit you
July 21st 2003 BIG TRUTHS TO BE FOUND IN LITTLE ADS Clues to find the true value of apartments
July 16th 2003 STAY AWAY FROM HENRY KAYE The man who inflicts pain
July 16th 2003 JULY E-MAIL UPDATE July Update to Subscribers
July 9th 2003 ALERT ON PROPERTY ADS How Typical Real Estate Advertising Gets Lower Prices
June 26th 2003 EIGHT RULES OF BUILDING INSPECTION REPORTS How to select a Building Inspector
June 22nd 2003 A FLAW IN JENMAN'S SYSTEM? Seller nearly loses $45,000. Be alert .
June 19th 2003 THE DANGER OF OPEN INSPECTIONS An open invitation for anyone
June 17th 2003 THE SEMINAR ROGUES A disgrace to our society
June 9th 2003 WRAP SHARKS Leading financial adviser sounds shark alarm on wrapping.
June 6th 2003 BURGLARS TARGET HOMES VIA THE INTERNET The danger of "Internet tours"
June 2nd 2003 BRAD SUGARS & PALS & RIPPING OFF FARMERS Skulduggery sinks to a new low
May 30th 2003 BEWARE OF MEZZANINE LENDING Real Estate Consumer Association says Mezzanine Lending is no place for consumers.
May 1st 2003 REAL ESTATE 'WRAPS' Comment by Neil Jenman
April 22nd 2003 INVESTMENT SCAMS What are these Investment Scams?
October 19th 2002 New real estate laws in Victoria Consumer protection in real estate has inched forward in Victoria.
May 28th 2002 BEWARE THE GET-RICH-QUACK GURUS They are still preying on people
May 20th 2002 Danger for first-home buyers It is easy to forget about the debt hangover.
April 8th 2002 Strong laws needed in rotten real estate industry Farcical self-regulation
November 15th 2001 KICK OUT KICKBACKS! Rebates! Kickbacks!
October 25th 2001 REAL ESTATE - BOOM AND BUST If you want to be safe in today's real estate market
August 6th 2001 Consumer Guarantee Real Estate Guarantee increases trust
July 3rd 2001 DON'T SIGN ANYTHING! When you sign on the dotted line with a real estate agent, your home is on the line.
June 15th 2001 FALSE QUOTING The Scandal Of False Quoting
June 1st 2001 Auctions And Booms - Home-Sellers Can Lose Most When The Market Is Booming
May 22nd 2001 DEFENDING THE LAWYER His critics call him crazy and obsessed
May 7th 2001 GAZUMPING - BE AWARE Until the contract has been signed , NOTHING is certain.
April 18th 2001 The Bonus Scams Home Sellers To Pay More Commission If Their Homes Sell For More Money
March 16th 2001 Misleading Information How Can They Call This A Success?
February 6th 2001 HOW AUCTIONS GET LOWER PRICES Nine Reasons Auctions Get Lower Prices
August 23rd 2000 Responsibility In Real Estate Agents should give REAL guarantees to consumers
July 20th 2000 The Advance Fee Scams A new sting to a common scam in the real estate industry.
June 9th 2000 Real Estate Crooks Agents who STEAL money from their clients are crooks.
May 15th 2000 The Dummy Bidding Fraud Dummy bidding is intended to coerce sellers AND buyers into making decisions based on FALSE information.
May 9th 2000 Bait And Crunch How the old "Bait and Switch" has become the new "Bait and Crunch".
April 7th 2000 Weekend Auctions Auctions This Weekend.
March 21st 2000 The Advertising Scams THE REAL ESTATE ADVERTISING SCAM
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