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July 27th 2005


A spiv, an ex-PM and multiple robbery.

Rob Dale in August 2006, after going bankrupt for the fourth time. Now, in 2007, he faces multiple fraud charges.
Rob Dale in August 2006, after going bankrupt for the fourth time. Now, in 2007, he faces multiple fraud charges.
UPDATE: October 25, 2007. Last week, Robert Norman Dale appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court charged with eight counts of fraud. He was granted bail on the condition that he stay away from international airports. The case was adjourned for further mention on December 4, 2007


UPDATE: August 7, 2006. According to reliable reports, Rob Dale was declared bankrupt (for the fourth time) last week.


UPDATE: July 31, 2006. Last week, a threatening letter arrived from a lawyer acting for this spiv. Yesterday, when asked if it bothered him that his client was a notorious conman, the lawyer said, "I've never met the man before in my life until last week so I just do my job."

As a gesture of goodwill, we gave the lawyer some free advice - "Make sure you get your fees in advance." The lawyer thanked us and confirmed that he would get paid in advance.

If not, he'll surely become another of this conman's many victims.


Robert Norman Dale (who likes to be known as Rob Dale) is 47 years of age. He lives in a big house (which cost $4.4 million) on the Gold Coast (where else) and he drives a big flashy car.

He has a big ego and an even bigger mouth.

"I want to give you some vital information that will change your life," he yells at his seminars.

Well, here's some vital information about Rob Dale that could save your financial life.

Robert Norman Dale is a slick spiv who should be avoided by anyone with assets. Those who trusted him (and, remember, he's a good talker) are now calling him Robber Dale.


Well, he's taken millions of dollars from people and given them nothing in return. Nothing, except the usual drivel that spills from the mouths of spivs promises, promises, promises.

Robber Dale is no nickel-and-dime spiv chasing the twenty-something wanna-be-rich-without-working brigade.

Nah, he goes for bigger catches, the fifty-something business owners or the well-heeled impending retirees. Those who enter what Dale calls his "inner sanctum" where they are persuaded to hand over millions of dollars.

"He seemed so believable and we trusted him," said a woman who took $200,000 of her family's superannuation money and then borrowed a further $800,000 from the National Australia Bank so that she and her husband could buy one million $1 shares in a Rob Dale project.

Another couple are so embarrassed they cannot face their family. "They have been ripped off to the tune of around 2 million dollars," said their lawyer last week.

So, how does Robert Norman Dale, a three-time former bankrupt (the latest as recent as 2002) manage to persuade so many careful people to give him their money?

What follows is just one example of many of Dale's brazen deceptions.

Meet Robert James Lee Hawke (who likes to known as Bob Hawke), the 74-year-old former Australian Prime Minister. On the front of Rob Dale's web site, Bob Hawke is quoted as saying, "Rob Dale is an energetic young man who has a deep understanding of human nature, who will leave a mark on his generation."

Dale does understand human nature and he sure leaves a mark, well, more like a deep hole.

But what does Bob say about Rob?

Back in January, Bob Hawke told investigative reporter Hedley Thomas that he had "absolutely no recollection of ever meeting Dale or giving him such an endorsement."

And what did Rob do in response to Bob's comment? He did what any shifty spiv would do, he went on quoting the same quote.

Robber Dale's multiple robbery of so many decent Queenslanders is slowing down as more and more of his victims become less and less patient. Spivs rely on silence and the minute their victims start yelling the spivs start running.

A Supreme Court judge, Ros Atkinson, recently said that allegations of fraud and dishonesty about Dale needed to be investigated.

There was no mention of who should be doing the investigating?

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)? As one investor said, "I contacted ASIC some time ago and have not heard any more."

Lawyers? It'll cost tens of thousands of dollars and months, maybe years, to fight such a case. By then, Dale and the money could be long gone. This is urgent.

The Police? Surely, there is something in the Crimes Act about obtaining money by deception. Isn't it called fraud? We don't hear much about the Fraud Squad these days. Does it still exist?

Ordinary robbers use their guns to steal thousands. White-collar robbers use their mouths to steal millions. Ordinary robbers go to jail. White-collar robbers go home to their mansions.

As a former bank robber commented about Rob Dale, "At least when I robbed them, they always knew they were being robbed."

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